The Quarantine with Your Dog

The Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, which affects the whole world, is a serious source of stress and concern for all of us. During the quarantine process, it is a fact that we are constantly afraid of losing our health and loved ones, far from our normal life. This article about the quarantine process and dogs will guide you. One of the good things about this quarantine and home work period for those who share their life with the dog (s) is that we have the chance to spend more time with them. It makes us all happy to be with them all day after we wander away at work and think about and miss our dog. Knowing that dogs are not infected with this virus, according to the findings so far, is a comforting detail. However, it is still useful to be cautious and take a few precautions. (WHO)

quarantine with your dog

Precautions That Can Be Taken For Dogs During The Quarantine Process

  • Keep your walks short, return home after you have completed your toilet needs.
  • Walk outside with people at least 2 meters away.
  • Don’t let your dog smell the litter on the floor, move away.
  • Do not allow anyone to touch or approach your dog.
  • Take care of paw hygiene when returning from short walks. At least during this period, do not kiss your dog’s mouth-nose area.
  • Use the cleaning products recommended by your veterinarian, follow their warnings. Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds

It was frequently stated that people living with animals felt less alone, coped with stress more easily, and even had higher immunity in this period.

Behavioral Changes in Dogs

The fact that our lives have changed completely means that our dog’s life is similarly affected.

The whole order in our homes has changed.

Our entrance and exit hours, the time we spent at home, the sounds and smells from the streets have changed.

Our habits and the people in the house broke down.

Everything is different, including the smell of our home!

We know the reason for this change, but unfortunately our dogs cannot make sense of these changes like we do. Yes everything is changing – but why?

Some behavioral changes that can be seen in dogs due to stress during the quarantine period

Loss of appetite Depression, reluctance, withdrawal Sleeping constantly Not knowing what to do Newly emerged bark Gnawing increase Increased self-licking or other obsessive-compulsive disorders.

What Can I Do To Relieve My Dog During The Quarantine Process?

First of all, remembering that dogs are experts at reading your body language, we should try to appear as comfortable to them as possible.

We should not expose them to shouting, fighting or crying that will disturb their peace.

Likewise, we shouldn’t have conversations with them in a pathetic or hopeless tone. We must try to behave normally.

Even if we cannot fully implement the routine, we must maintain the order as much as we can.

We need to find activities and games that can be practiced at home and that will tire them physically and MENTAL.

We have to give their food with interactive toys and sniffing games to ensure that they spend energy and have fun. Boring food containers should be shelved especially during this period!

Since we will get bored with the toys in the house, we should rotate the existing toys and change them every few days. In this process, we should not allow him to do anything that you did not allow before and after the quarantine.

Quarantine and Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs are animals that bond very quickly and easily, and it seems like our constant home stay will make them more dependent or even “dependent” on us.

While most dogs are actually used to us leaving the house and going to work, the quarantine process will put them into a completely different routine: being with them all the time.

Dogs will also quickly get used to being with them and not being alone.

And when the quarantine process is over and we return to our normal lives, many dogs will not be ready for it.

This problem may recur, especially in dogs that have previously experienced separation anxiety (not being alone) problems.

Dogs that have never experienced this problem will also likely have this problem. With some measures we will take during the quarantine process, we need to prepare them for post-quarantine.

quarantine with your dog

How do I prepare my dog for post quarantine?

Don’t pay too much attention to your dog while at home. Do not constantly sit in lap. Give him breaks in solitude: ignore it and ignore it. When you clean / cook a place at home, leave it in another room. (Of course he’ll know you’re home, but at least he’ll practice loneliness.) If he has crate training, encourage him to stay in his cage for some time during the day. Try not to break your routine. Enter the toilet alone! 🙂 If you have a chance to leave the house even for a short time; Make sure to leave him alone for a while during the day and come out. Sit in your car, take a short walk. If you have a routine when leaving the house (like giving him a treat and going out), do it. Do whatever you normally do when leaving the house. While doing these, avoid exaggerated movements. Try to normalize everything. Remember, precautions for separation anxiety are much easier than fixing this problem!

Best Ice Fishing Rod Cases in 2020: Make a good choice!

The most important thing to choose best ice fishing rod case is to know your own needs. This will show you the features you are looking for. Below you will see there are many different types of ice fishing rod cases with different shapes and different size. That’s why, as I mentioned above: Your needs are the main factor to choose one. The purpose of this reading is to give an idea which one to choose.

Lakco 208029 6 Ice Combo Case/2 Pockets

• Good Choice for ice fishing and open water
• Durability

The quality of product is really high. It is durable and reliable. It can resist to any damage due to the dangerous conditions. The padding is well designed for rods and reels to avoid any move inside. If you have this bruises and bumps are not your concern anymore. Small accessories and extra gears could be easily stored inside pocket.
Different sleeves makes rod manageability more easily. 4 to 5 combos till 32 inches could stored. Adjustable shoulder strap is really helpful to make carrying comfortable and easy.
In the end, it has great design to carry your gears and rods to anywhere and lighweight design makes it much more easier.
• Bumps and bruises protection(Interior padding)
• High-quality
• It can resist tough conditions
• Extra gear storage (inside pocket)
• Adjustable shoulde strap for comfortable transportation
• A lot of hard moves can break rods

See it on Amazon

ice fishing rod case

Wowelife Fishing Rod Carrier Fishing Reel Organizer Pole Storage Bag

• Heavy-duty grade high-tech polyester and adjustable shoulder strap
• There are 5 rods and reels
• Big exterior pocket
• Durability is supported by 600D Oxford

Wowelife Fishing Rod Carrier Fishing Reel Organizer Pole Storage Bag is one of the best option to enjoy yourself on fishing. There are a lot of comments which say that it makes their fishing very easy and great.
There are amazing features the first of one is its dimensions. 13.4” L X 48.4“ L makes you to carry 5 rods and reel outside and more accessories on the inside.
In the features I talked about 600D Oxford which is fabric material makes it really durable bag that can support against hard conditions. The big exterior pocket allows you to carry more essentials you might need on your journey and adjustable shoulder strap makes you feel comfortable and in control.
• Durability
• Comfortable
• Capacity: 5 rods and reels on the outside
• Big exterior pocket for carrying more essentials
• High Quality
• Very hard weather conditions could damage the rods

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Frabill Ice Rod Safe Case

• Super hard case(blow-molded)
• Foam padding
• Lightweight
• 8 combos capacity

For easier fishing experience, Frabill is really good option for anyone. It has solid design with capacity 3 x 10 x 36 inches. Frabill is also lighweight product which is 7 pounds and easy to carry around.
Blow molded offers wear resistance and high durability. Your hard water rod combos could be safely stored.
The padding is well designed for rods and reels to avoid any move inside. There are enough place to have 8 rod combos. Rods stay safe in the case when on the move because the locking latches are really solid. In adittion, there is a carry handle for your comfortable carrying.
Most of people think that stronger is heavier. But it is opposite fort his case. It is not heavy as it seems. Really tough case for harsh conditions.
In the end, this case is mixture between portability and safety. If you are sick of bumps and bruises and the lightness is important for you, this is the case you are looking for.
• Easy transportation, it is lightweight
• Foam padding is effective for rod positioning ans stability
• Super strudy and soild case
• 8 rod combos capacity
• Not compatible with inline reels

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Vexan ICE Fishing Rod & Tackle Bag 36.5″ Semi Soft Case

• 8 rods capacity
• Water-resistant
• Lightweight
• Protection pads
• 2 storage pocket inside (Velcro strapping system)
• Extra gear like gloves, tip-ups and lures could be stored in external storage pockets
• Adjustable shoulder
Fort he people who are always going fishing and have a lot of gear, the Vexan Ice Fishing Rod & Tackle Bag could be the best choice. 8-10 rods and reels could be stored in soft-sided rod case (max. Length: 36 inches). Adjustable shoulder strap on either side makes you feel comfartable while you are carrying.
This case is like the other cases on the list, it has high level protection from damages with padding during your fishing journey. The plastic sheets in the middle of the foam paddings provide extra resistance and rigidity. In this way, the rods can not bent in this case. Like other cases, external pockets on both sides offer spacec for extra hardware.
In sum up, lightweigt design, big room inside and mobility makes this case great and its mobility and wide area inside make this case great.
• Easy to carry (Lightweight)
• Adjustable shoulder straps
• 8-10 rod combos capacity
• Wide area inside, a lot of places for better placement
• Plastic panels could be more rigid

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MTM IFB-1-30 Ice Fishing Rod Box

• 36 x 10.2 x 5.2 inches
• 8 rods capacity
• 4 chambers for accesories
• Rods placed between padding parts
• Big comfortable holder

The MTM IFB-1-30 Ice Fishing Rod Box is the great mix of rod case and toolbox. It is a customary fishing box. Inside is really spacious, 8 rods can be placed. More space is available to place equipments as mentioned in the features, there are 4 chambers for accesories.
Your rods can easily place between foam padding. The purpose of the foam padding is to avoid any damage by keeping them in place and there are also there are more space for others.
This is an old school option on the list, if you are looking for in this way. It ensures all your needs.
• Enough space for 8 rods
• Space for additional equipments
• Old school
• Lockable latches
• Foam padding does not always guarantee to keep rods in secure

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AGOOL Fishing Rod Bag Holder Fishing Rod Carrier Fishing Pole Travel Case

• 5 rods capacity.
• Heavy-duty material
• Lightweight cloth

The AGOOL Fishing Rod Bag Holder Fishing Rod Carrier has huge capacity. You can carry everything you have. It is really suitable option to buy.
Carrying big things is not your concern anymore like buckets, ball net and fishing chair, it is really big. Fishing tackles can easily place on the side pocket with dimesions 14 inches to 48 inches.
Waterproof heavy duty material(600D Oxford fabric material) offers durability and toughness. It seems that AGOOL have solved the lightness issue. The lightweight material offers you to carry the bag by hand not only on your shoulder.
If you are going for fishing regularly, it is a great option. No different from the bags on the list there good things and bad things about this case which you should know before to buy
• More space for equipments
• Really light
• Tough and durable
• 5 reels and rods capacity
• Some users think that the bands are not strong enough

See it on Amazon

Top 7 Best Dog Doormats in 2020


Enthusiast Gear Puppy Paws Plush Dog Doormat

Advantages: You can wash in the machine, high absorbent

Disadvantages: Can catch on low-clearance doors

We have winner for super wet dogs. This dog doormat is drying fast, odorfree and resist to bacteries(antibacteria). This mat is best warrior for mud or snow. Even your pup’s in a rush to get in, the non-slip backing keeps the dog doormat in place.

There are 5 solid color and 2 size options which is perfect if you don’t want any colorful option at home

$19.99 ON AMAZON

DII Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coir Easy Clean Rubber Dog Doormat

Advantages: Super durable, cool and cute design. It’s fun!

Disadvantages: The fiber can’t get too tight all the time and can come off 

This dog doormat could the top of the list if it were more absorbent, but it does a great job with sand, dirt, and snow.

This dog doormat has better performance for outdoors but exposure to the elements may reduce its life-time.

$20.99 ON AMAZON

iPrimio Dog Extra Thick Micro Fiber Dog Doormat

Pros: You can wash tihs dog doormat in the machine, really absorbent

Cons: Unfortunately there are only 2 designs

iPrimio dog doormat is thicker than the other competitors! It makes easier to get rid off extra wet or muddy. Moisture can not damage your floor because the waterproof liner existence.

And if the things are going out of control, you can wash in the machine!

$21.95 ON AMAZON

My Doggy Place Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Dog Doormat

Pros: You can wash in the machine, really absorbent, there are 8 color options and 3 size options

Cons: Be careful for fibers after washing

The My Doggy Place dog doormat has a great design. It also does a great job of pulling all dirt off your dog, it also comes in beautiful designs. There are eight (8) color options, you will probably find one that matches your décor. Even your dog walks across it thanks to the non-slip backing, it keeps the mat in place when you or your dog walks across it. 

Due to the runner design of this dog doormat which has the more surface your pup can walk across, you can get rid of the more dirt.

$33.99 ON AMAZON

Soggy Doggy Dog Doormat

Pros: You can wash in the machine, it is durable, really absorbent.

Cons: No chewing

If you are a dog lover, you will really fall in love with The Soggy Doggy Dog Doormat. It is one size, but it is huge! It measures 26 by 36 inches. And the chenille microfiber and special “noodle” design makes it really effective at absorbing water and dirt.

Thanks to it’s softness, you can put and bring everywhere. Lots of people also says it is really durable Dog Doormat.

$41.99 ON AMAZON

GrassWorx Clean Machine High Traffic Dog Doormat

Pros: It is durable and it has advantage for sand

Cons: The dogs which have sensitive pads texture may be the problem because it is too rough 

This dog doormat is super effective when your dog comes from the sand.

It doesn’t matter where you came from with your dog.. from the beach or from desert. This mat will get rid of all sand before it makes its way into your home. 

Grassworx is really durable dog doormat. It is also very succesful on snow, mud, and dirt. Hose it off is enough to clean up.

$27.40 ON AMAZON

Dirty Dog Doormat


Pros: Very absorbing, great design

Cons: You have to wash by hand, not easy to vacuum

This dog doormat is really Dog Gone Smart. You can use this doormat everywhere because microfibre is really soft. With the help of the geometry of fibers, dirt bewteen dog’s pads will not be an issue!

There are three size options of this mat, including a runner size and five design options. Thanks to rubber underside, even your dog runs full speed into the house, it does not slip.

$33.96 ON AMAZON


Dog doormats are the really key to keep your home clean because it is really challenging keeping your house clean if you have a pet in your homestead. It is a perfect idea to have it that dirt and mud in your dog’s paws is not going to be your problem anymore!

Otherwise you need to face with really disturbing thing at your home place. Especially for these days hygiene is very important for us. Any kind of bacterias and viruses everywhere on the street parks and everywhere your dog walk around. It is perfect tool to clean up your dog paws.

Other advantage is it really makes your job really is with this useful tool. You do not need to deal with it for a long term. All options are really durable and they have long term use. Easy to use is another advantage, you do not need extra tool for help. The price is also very cheap if you compare with other necessary dog equipments.

The developing technology is also make them more useful and helpful. Especially the last developments in textile industry make them really great microfibre fabric especially one of the most important development on this area.

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