4 Reasons for Dog Walking?

4 Reasons for Dog Walking: Dogs are creatures that like to move constantly and enjoy spending time outside. But what is the reason for this? Why dogs love going out so much and going out is so critical to them, let’s take a look together!

Dogs are creatures that like to move constantly due to their structure. Although dogs are divided into different species within themselves, the common point of all of them is this love for movement and their constant joy.

 Pets find limited mobility in the house. Especially pets living in apartments are highly affected by this situation. Dogs that are sedentary start to get cranky. As a result of being inactive for a long time, it becomes essential for them to get various diseases.

 A healthy and happy dog ​​is a tired dog. For this reason, you should tire your dog friends with various exercises and games during the day. This will play a big role in making them more enjoyable and healthier.

An area surrounded by walls on all four sides will be extremely unfavorable for dogs who are full of the desire to move constantly and perceive it as a game and integrate their whole life into it. The walks that will be a breathing point for dogs, who are so fond of their freedom; it is an important job for their physical and mental health.

 This is how we can roughly explain how important dog walking is. Let’s take a look at why dogs should go out in more detail!


Obesity Battle with Dog Walking!

Dogs are the creatures that hold the top of the list of creatures that stand out with their fondness for movement. Dogs, which are unfortunately susceptible to obesity and many other diseases by their nature, can struggle against such diseases with dog walking.

 Dogs that do not go for a walk cannot spend their daily energy to be happy and have a comfortable sleep. Therefore, the calorie values ​​gained from daily nutrition continue to stay in the body just like energy.

Mental health with dog walking!

Dogs’ emotions are very sensitive and delicate, just like their bodies. For this reason, it can be easily observed that dogs who do not receive attention and are alone for a long time become depressed. According to researches; Dogs that remain sedentary cannot sleep comfortably as they cannot spend their daily energy and their psychology is damaged by moodiness, which is the result of insomnia.

 For this reason, our canine friends can spend their energy to have a comfortable sleep with the help of dog walking and they can be happier with the peace that is the return of adequate sleep. For all these reasons, walking the dog has an important place in the lives of pet owners as a very important concept for dog care and dog health.

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To save the moment!

Dogs have deep loyalty and affection towards their owners. Likewise, dog owners respond to these feelings in the same way. Every minute spent with their owners is gold for dogs. From this perspective, it’s easy to explain why dogs are always after their owners.

 Dogs with such an emotional nature constantly give them the chance to reinforce the bond they establish with their owners. That is why, if you caress his head, he will immediately lie down and make himself love.

 Spending time with such special and beautiful creatures should be seen as a great opportunity for people. Today, many pet owners make a pet friend to overcome loneliness. Spending time with them in order to reinforce this friendship and collecting memories during this time will be both essential and very enjoyable.

For your own health!

As with dogs, the need to move is very important for humans. The effects of inactivity in humans can be observed mentally and physically just like dogs.

For this reason, daily walks have a very important place in terms of human health. Doing various exercises during these walks will be very beneficial for a solid head and a solid body.

For both your own health and the health of your dog friend; dog walking must be done. In this way, you can both walk and spend the effort you will spend in exercises in games you play with your dog.

Dog walking, which is so important to dogs, benefits not only dogs but also humans. These walks with your friends will add joy to both you and them, and will also allow you to collect memories together.

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What is a Dog Hotel? Why Use It?

Dog hotels are temporary dog day care centers that act as a rescuer in long-term situations where dog owners are separated from their dogs. For detailed information about the dog hotel, let’s have a look at our article!

Dog owners may have to go out of town or abroad from time to time. In these cases, the most suitable situation for dogs appears as a dog hotel.

The dog hotel is the savior of dog owners who have to stay away from their dogs for a certain period of time. The dog hotel neither searches for their homes nor their owners, even though the dogs are away from and away from their owners.

In the absence of their owners, dog hotels are places where their basic needs such as food, care and love are met.

Dog grooming is a very difficult task and includes many details. These details are vital to dog health. For this reason, there is a need for people who will definitely know and meet the necessary details in the absence of their owners.

Dog owners can leave their dogs to a Host via PetSurfer when they are away from their dogs for a short period of time. However, when this period is extended, a longer-term care will be needed. For this reason, the concept of “dog hotel” makes the lives of dog owners easier.

Let’s take a look at the detailed information about the dog hotel together!

What is a Dog Hotel?

Dog hotels are places where dog owners leave their dogs in long-term situations such as traveling to the city or abroad. Dog grooming is a very difficult task. Even dog owners from time to time have trouble taking care of their dogs. But the dog hotel makes them happy with their highly experienced staff and maximum comfort for dogs.

The dog hotel allows dogs to live in rooms specially designed for them, not in cages in the absence of their owners. This is an extremely vital detail for dogs and their free spirit.


Why is the Dog Hotel Used?

Dog hotels are special facilities that come to the rescue of dog owners in cases where their owners will be separated from various long-term dogs, and dogs will wait for their owners’ return with pleasure and peace.

Dogs are very devoted creatures to their owners. For this reason, when they are separated from them, they can become depressed and get various diseases. The dog hotel, on the other hand, ensures that dogs forget their longing for a while by meeting their need for love when they stay away from their owners.

The dog hotel is a farm-like area where dogs can stay in long-term separations, where they socialize with other dogs and meet all their needs. For this reason, it can be observed that dog owners often leave their best friends to the dog hotel in long-term separation situations.

In addition to all these, the dog hotel can be an important center for training puppies. The dog hotel, where dogs are given basic and advanced training, meets the basic needs of their owners in their absence, and also provides training to facilitate the lives of both owners and dogs.

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When is the Dog Hotel Used?

Owning a dog is primarily a difficult task, because many responsibilities come one after another. Like humans, dogs have many basic needs to continue life. They cannot meet these needs themselves like we humans, especially when they are in a person’s home. For this reason, they are obliged to help people to meet their basic needs.

Dog owners can use a dog hotel to meet both the physical and mental needs of their dogs in long-term separation situations.


Is the Dog Hotel Safe?

Dog hotel is the place where dog owners can entrust their dogs with peace of mind. Dog hotels are centers where dogs meet their basic needs, enable them to socialize with other dogs, and provide basic and advanced training.

For these reasons, it can be easily said that the best environment for dogs in the absence of the owner is a dog hotel. Various other services are available within the dog hotel. These services can also be embodied as training and veterinary services.

For all these reasons, the best place for dogs to live in the absence of their owners is a dog hotel. Therefore, if you have a long-term travel plan, you can definitely drop your dog off at a dog hotel.

There are other alternatives you can check instead dog like home boarding.

What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat? 8 Foods You Should Be Careful!

What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat? Our dog friends have a sensitive stomach and digestive system just like us humans. It can react extremely negatively to some foods. Therefore, feeding dogs is an extremely important issue. For this reason, we have compiled for you the foods that our dog friends should stay away from and should definitely not consume. Let’s take a look together!

Dog grooming is a very difficult task. It is necessary to care for them and to be responsible for them. Always taking care of our canine friends will have a direct impact on their health. Seeing our dog friends healthy and happy will certainly make us owners happy.

Our dog friends should have a certain daily diet. This will help them improve their living conditions and health. In this article, we try to explain some answers of: What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?

Our dog friends are selective about food, just like humans. This point can be explained as the effect it has on the body of our friend, beyond the selective, food separation. All foods have different effects on our canine friends. For this reason, dog foods are among the things that should be considered the most when breeding dogs.

“What should dogs eat?” The question can be answered with many nutrients. However, what not to eat has much more precise answers. Various foods can spoil the sensitive dog body and have a negative effect on their health.

Some dog owners feed their dogs on their own food. This is an extremely wrong diet for our canine friends. Since the digestive systems of humans and dogs are different, their food should also be different. Some people give the leftovers to their dogs. However, this can cause vital problems for their dog friends. For this reason, it is necessary to feed our dog friends only with dog food that is their own food.

For all these reasons, in this article, we have compiled foods that dogs should not consume for you and our dog friends. Here are the foods that dogs should not consume!

8. Is Avocado Good for Dogs?

Avocado, which is an extremely useful food when consumed by humans, is definitely among the foods that dogs should not consume. The reason for this is that the digestive system of our dog friends is much more sensitive than that of humans.

Avocados, which contain toxins that damage the digestive system of our dog friends, give a poison effect when consumed by our canine friends.

Dogs consuming avocados can generally experience stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. In such cases, you should get veterinary support immediately. Because avocado consumption can be vital in dogs. For all these reasons, you should keep your dog friends away from avocados.


7. Grapes and Dogs

When consumed by dogs, it causes effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, tremors, lethargy, and anorexia. The reason for these effects is not fully known. Grape, which gives such effects when consumed in small amounts, causes anemia and various kidney problems when consumed in excess.

Because of all these effects, grapes are among the foods that dogs should not consume. In cases where your dog is consuming grapes, it is extremely useful to get veterinary support.

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6. Raw Fish

Fish consumption is a very dangerous situation for our canine friends. Our dog friends can of course eat fish. However, their food should be cleared of fish, bones and no oil or seasoning. The most important detail for them to eat is that the fish is cooked very well.

The consumption of fish that is not cooked enough or raw is a situation that has extremely negative effects on dog health. This is because of the Thiaminase enzyme contained in raw fish. When consumed excessively and continuously, problems with the nervous and digestive system may be observed as a result of vitamin B1 deficiency, and this can lead to vital problems.

Especially the consumption of raw salmon is very dangerous for our canine friends. The reason for this is an organism called Neorickettsia helminthoeca in raw salmon. This organism causes various ailments such as insomnia, high fever, vomiting, bloody diarrhea and loss of appetite after consuming raw salmon. Excessive consumption of raw salmon can have fatal consequences.

For all these reasons, raw fish is definitely one of the foods that dogs should not consume. Before feeding your dog friend fish, it is extremely vital to make sure that it is thoroughly cooked and that you clean its bones completely. This is well-know wrongs answer of: What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?

5. Dogs Should Not Eat Onion!

Onion consumption can have extremely dangerous effects on our canine friends. For this reason, onions are among the foods that dogs should not consume.

Generally, dogs are not observed eating the onion raw. However, in cases such as eating the onion cooked by their owners, it is commonplace to eat the onion cooked, although it is wrong.

Onion causes poisoning in blood cells when consumed. Blood cells transport oxygen from the lungs to various tissues to convert the nutrients consumed into energy. When onion is consumed, poisoned blood cells spread throughout the body in this way. This is the dangerous answer of: What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?

When large quantities are consumed by dogs, it should be taken to the vet immediately. The vet can make your dog vomit and wash his stomach or provide medication that can alleviate the symptoms of poisoning.

 Onion poisoning in dogs can show symptoms such as weakness, bloody urine, pale and bluish gums, and weakness. The first thing you should do when you experience symptoms like these is to contact the veterinarian quickly. For all these reasons, onions are among the foods that dogs should not consume.

4. What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat? Cheese!

What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat? Say Cheeeeeeese! can be a great source of vitamins and minerals for our canine friends. However, it has negative effects on dogs due to the lactose it contains.

Lactose is a sugar found in milk and dairy products. When consumed uncontrolled, it can cause various disorders in the stomach and digestive system of dogs. The disorders that can be observed in our dog friends due to lactose consumption are generally; It may present as abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, bloating and gas.

For all these reasons, cheese is among the foods that dogs should not consume.

3. Bread

Bread consumption in dogs can lead to various problems just like humans. Bread consumption, which can lead to various weight problems due to its carbohydrate and calorie values, can cause vital problems such as obesity.

In addition to all these, it can also be caught in diseases such as diabetes due to the sugar and fat it contains. For all these reasons, bread is definitely one of the foods dogs should not consume. A lot of people does not know this. That’s why we should ask more ourself: What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?


2. Is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

Unfortunately, this is the saddest answer of “What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?”. Chocolate consumption causes poisoning in dogs. The reason for this is generally thought to be due to the sugar values ​​it contains, but the reason is not the sugar but the caffeine values.

Chocolate, which causes stomach discomfort when consumed in small amounts, can cause reactions such as vomiting and diarrhea in our dog friends. When consumed in excessive amounts, it can cause more serious problems.

Due to the negative effects of caffeine, our canine friends may experience various problems. For all these reasons, chocolate is definitely one of the foods that dogs should not consume.

1. “Milk” is the First Answer of “What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?” Question

Milk can cause various problems in dogs due to the lactose it contains. Generally, everyone thinks that dogs consume milk frequently, but this is wrong. Milk can only be consumed by puppies.

This milk should be consumed in a small amount without fat and cream. When milk is consumed in adult dogs, effects such as gas, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea may occur. For all these reasons, milk is definitely one of the foods that dogs should not consume.

We try to help you about “What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?” I hope it is a useful article for you. Maybe you can find more options on this article about “The Best Dry Dog Foods”.

Dog Flea Collar? What is the Importance?

The biggest problem that our closest friends, dogs face, especially in summer, is fleas. The best solution to get rid of this situation is to use a dog flea collar. Let’s take a look together!

Cats and dogs are extremely sensitive and open creatures to fleas. This is because of their long glamorous feathers that adorn and add magnificence to them like a full dress.

Contrary to popular belief, fleas is not something that can be overcome by taking a bath and cleaning regularly. Although your pet friend is cleaned regularly, it can be caught in this situation. It can be easily said that they become very vulnerable to this situation, especially in the summer months.

Dogs are constantly moving creatures due to their structures. It is possible for them to be happy only if they fulfill this obligation. Our dog friends need to spend a certain amount of energy and get tired during the day to be healthy. Otherwise, malaise and unwillingness may be observed in our canine friends. The reason for this is that they do not spend enough energy during the day and cannot sleep when they are not tired enough and their sleep patterns are disrupted.

For this reason, dogs should constantly take walks and play games. Otherwise, their deteriorating pleasure can cause many discomfort both mentally and physically.

In particular, fleas can be seen in dogs that need to move constantly during the summer months. In cases where flea collars are not used, the rate of fleas increases considerably. Inevitably, the situation we encounter can be prevented by using a flea collar, and our dog’s quality of life and happiness do not deteriorate at all but increase.

Let’s take a look at more information about flea collars!


How to Use a Dog Flea Collar?

Flea collar stands out as a vital need for dogs. Dogs are constantly sweating by moving, and especially in summer, they appear and invite fleas with their long fur.

A flea collar is a type of collar that attaches to your cat or dog friend’s neck and protects them from fleas. With this collar, which is extremely important to use, you can prevent your dog or cat friend from being affected by a possible flea infestation and increase their quality of life.

Why is a Dog Flea Collar important?

The use of a flea collar is extremely effective against fleas, one of the major problems that can be experienced. Therefore, it can be easily said that the use of flea collars is extremely important.

Fleas are an extremely dangerous condition for dogs. In case of flea infestation, the use of flea comb and flea powder may at times be inadequate or treatment may take a long time. You can shed their fur by asking them to get rid of this invasion as soon as possible, which sucks the blood of your dog friend and causes him to itch and hurt constantly. However, this will negatively affect the morale of your pet friend.

Hair is extremely important to dogs. The feathers, which directly affect their body temperature, greatly affect their quality of life. It can be observed that some dogs with shaved hair become depressed. Therefore, it is necessary to take action with a proactive thinking before the problem is encountered.

With a flea collar, you can completely eliminate the risk of fleas that our dog friends may encounter. In this way, you can improve their quality of life and help them be healthier. The effects of fleas will deeply affect both dogs and their owners.


Fleas and dogs

The best place to live for fleas is in dog skin with long hair. This situation, which feeds by sucking the blood of our dog friends and causes it to constantly itch and create wounds on their body, affects the lives of both dogs and their owners deeply.

In the case of fleas in our dog friends, it is possible to have wounds and hair loss in the places they scratch because they constantly itch. In addition, if they lick the itchy areas, inflammation can be observed in their mouth and around the anus. In addition to this situation, it is possible to shed skin in the knee cap and joint areas.

A flea collar should be used to protect your dog and your quality of life. In this way, you can guarantee yourself and your dog against fleas that may occur in the future.

7 Amazing Dog Games to Enjoy with Your Dog!

Dogs are creatures that must constantly move in order to be healthy. At this point, the biggest responsibility falls on the dog owners. Here are 7 amazing dog games that you will enjoy playing with your dog!
Dogs are ordinary-looking unusual creatures found on earth as the embodiment of the world’s art. These special creatures, which fascinate everyone with their aesthetic appearance, spread all the positivity around them with the high energy they have. They find a place for themselves in every street, every neighborhood and every house, and all they need is to receive love from the people they impress with their beauty and loveliness.
Dogs, which are not stuck in a certain geography in the world, but used to symbolize this concept in works of art and the symbol of friendship all over the world, have lived in a way that deserves this concept throughout the history of humanity and have always come to the fore as helpful and companions to people.
Dogs like to move constantly due to their nature. Dogs must be tired in order to be healthy in the donations obtained from researches that support this. In this context, dogs that move enough to expend all their energy are also physically healthy.
“Movement”, which has an important place in the fight against many diseases, provides protection against mental ailments as well as physical illnesses. The reason for the mental disorders that dogs generally have is that they cannot sleep properly or the loyalty and love they offer to their owner remain unrequited.
The way to save dogs from all these mental and physical ailments and make them happy is to act with them. Although this movement can be achieved through walks, making things more fun will affect both your dog’s and your own happiness and help you build memories together.
Let’s take a look at our post together to learn more about dog games that will make you have a great time with your friends!

1. Catch-up

Catch-up is an extremely fun game played by every kid. Basic logic in the game; one or more escapees trying to be caught by a midwife. By playing this game with your little cute friend, you can adapt this game as a dog game. You must give them a loud compliment or treat when they complete the game.
You can immensely enjoy playing catch with your dog friend. While playing this game, you need to pay attention to keep your dog in the game by using your body language correctly. The main purpose for dog games is not to tire the dogs, but to have fun with them. For this reason, you should prefer games that you and them can have fun together rather than games that will tire them.

2. Hide and Seek

The game of hide and seek is a game that leaves pleasant traces in almost everyone’s childhood and makes them smile when they come to mind. We can play such a special game for humans together with our dog friends, one of our most cherished dogs, and place this game among dog games. You can play this game both at home and outside.
For a fun game of hide-and-seek with your dog friend, you must first hide and call out to him from where you are hiding, invisible to him. At this point, the thing to be aware of is that you should call him by name and give a command after his name.
It will not take long for your dog friend, whom you call his name to attract your attention and activate with the command to come, to find you. When you find you, you should show your pleasure by being excited. This way, it will understand that this is a game and share the same joy with you.
Hide somewhere harder to find you the next time. If he can’t find you, keep calling him, calling out over and over again. It will finally find you. During this dog game, some dogs use their superior scent ability while others only play with their eyes. Either way, hide and seek is among the most enjoyed dog games for our dog friends.


3. Frisbee

One of the first games that comes to mind when it comes to dog game is frisbee game. This game is a game in which your dog must move constantly and run long distances from time to time. For this reason, it is among the dog games that must be played for our dog friends with weight problems.
The first thing to watch out for while playing this game is that your dog recognizes the frisbee disc. At this point, it would be healthier to use soft discs for the first trips. While playing this game, all you have to do is toss the disc horizontally towards your dog. Your dog will grab this disc and bring it back to you.
When starting the game, you have to throw the disc slowly, going a short distance. If your dog goes after the disc and praise him for supporting him, he will begin to grasp the game. At this point, the detail you need to pay attention to is your ejection speed. If he hits your dog quickly, your dog’s relationship with this game will end before it starts.
Every time your canine friend returns the disc, you should praise it out loud. In this way, he / she will realize that what he is doing is a game and he is doing it right. Considering your dog’s effort and pleasure, this game stands out among the most popular dog games.

4. Water Dog Games

Dogs are very water-loving creatures. When they feel overwhelmed on hot summer days, you can play juicy dog games with them to keep them cool and active at the same time.
To play this game you need a passing and free space. For this reason, a garden or seaside is exactly what is needed. You can run your dog by spraying him with water. You can also make them swim in the sea. In this way, your canine friend will both cool off and exercise quite effectively. For this reason, dog games played with water are indispensable in summer.

5. Ball Games

Among the dog games that help your dog friend exercise, ball games are one of the first games that come to mind when it comes to dog games, which are most useful and increase the level of fun in the right proportion.

Collective dog games can be played in many different ways. Sometimes you can run your dog friend with a soccer ball, or you can make your dog jump and move by pulling a ball that you tie up with a rope.
For the dog game where you will play with the soccer ball, you must first concentrate your dog’s attention on the ball. Then, when your dog moves towards the ball, you should lose the ball a few steps away. You can repeat this a few times. At the same time, you can leave your dog alone with the soccer ball and let him play with the ball alone. Although it does not require as much effort as the first time, this is also one of the effective dog games.
Another ball dog game is played with a ball tied to a stick or a stick with a rope. In this game, you can make your dog jump by pulling the ball you attached to a stick or stick up. Again, when you spin the ball around, your dog will move in pursuit of the ball. For all these reasons, it can be said that it is very enjoyable and useful for dog games played with the ball.


6. Bubble Dog Games

Bubble game is a game that you and your dog will enjoy playing. Extremely simple to play, the bubble game is perhaps the easiest of all dog games.
All you need for the bubble game is a ring, liquid detergent or soap and water. When you put these three together, you can play a fun game with your canine friend. The main purpose of this game is for your dog friend to catch the bubble.
After soaking the ring in detergent water, you should blow it towards your dog to draw your dog’s attention to the bubbles. Then your dog will try to catch these bubbles and have a lot of fun.
The bubble game is among the most loved dog games that you should definitely play with your dog, due to the laughter that emerges. This dog game, which both has fun and allows your dog to move, will make you have lots of fun, not just your dog. You can probably join in with your dog laughing while he’s trying to catch the bubbles.

6. Treasure Dog Games

Treasure game is among the dog games that are inherent in dogs and reflect the joy they get while playing. It can be said that dogs easily play this game thanks to their superior smell.
For the treasure game, you must first show your dog the object you are going to hide. This object is the main object in the game and is the object your dog should find. For this reason, it should be something your dog loves or is fond of. You can also use reward food instead of this item.
After you show the object or food to your canine friend, step away from it and put the food on the floor. Then make commands to move towards that object or food. It is extremely important that you be excited and cheerful while giving these commands. When he executes the command, you must let him play with the item or eat the food. This way, he will understand that what he is doing is right Continue playing this way a few more times.
After a few games, hide the object or food without showing it to your dog, but it still shouldn’t be a place where he can’t find a place to hide. After hiding it, give your dog the same command you gave in the previous part of the game. In this way, your dog will know that what he’s looking for is the object he has found before or the food as he did earlier.
We recommend that you play such a fun game with your dog, even while explaining. Thanks to this fun dog game, both you and your cute friend will have a lot of fun and save memories. For all these reasons, the treasure game is among the most popular and played dog games.

The Quarantine with Your Dog

The Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, which affects the whole world, is a serious source of stress and concern for all of us. During the quarantine process, it is a fact that we are constantly afraid of losing our health and loved ones, far from our normal life. This article about the quarantine process and dogs will guide you. One of the good things about this quarantine and home work period for those who share their life with the dog (s) is that we have the chance to spend more time with them. It makes us all happy to be with them all day after we wander away at work and think about and miss our dog. Knowing that dogs are not infected with this virus, according to the findings so far, is a comforting detail. However, it is still useful to be cautious and take a few precautions. (WHO)

quarantine with your dog

Precautions That Can Be Taken For Dogs During The Quarantine Process

  • Keep your walks short, return home after you have completed your toilet needs.
  • Walk outside with people at least 2 meters away.
  • Don’t let your dog smell the litter on the floor, move away.
  • Do not allow anyone to touch or approach your dog.
  • Take care of paw hygiene when returning from short walks. At least during this period, do not kiss your dog’s mouth-nose area.
  • Use the cleaning products recommended by your veterinarian, follow their warnings. Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds

It was frequently stated that people living with animals felt less alone, coped with stress more easily, and even had higher immunity in this period.

Behavioral Changes in Dogs

The fact that our lives have changed completely means that our dog’s life is similarly affected.

The whole order in our homes has changed.

Our entrance and exit hours, the time we spent at home, the sounds and smells from the streets have changed.

Our habits and the people in the house broke down.

Everything is different, including the smell of our home!

We know the reason for this change, but unfortunately our dogs cannot make sense of these changes like we do. Yes everything is changing – but why?

Some behavioral changes that can be seen in dogs due to stress during the quarantine period

Loss of appetite Depression, reluctance, withdrawal Sleeping constantly Not knowing what to do Newly emerged bark Gnawing increase Increased self-licking or other obsessive-compulsive disorders.

What Can I Do To Relieve My Dog During The Quarantine Process?

First of all, remembering that dogs are experts at reading your body language, we should try to appear as comfortable to them as possible.

We should not expose them to shouting, fighting or crying that will disturb their peace.

Likewise, we shouldn’t have conversations with them in a pathetic or hopeless tone. We must try to behave normally.

Even if we cannot fully implement the routine, we must maintain the order as much as we can.

We need to find activities and games that can be practiced at home and that will tire them physically and MENTAL.

We have to give their food with interactive toys and sniffing games to ensure that they spend energy and have fun. Boring food containers should be shelved especially during this period!

Since we will get bored with the toys in the house, we should rotate the existing toys and change them every few days. In this process, we should not allow him to do anything that you did not allow before and after the quarantine.

Quarantine and Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs are animals that bond very quickly and easily, and it seems like our constant home stay will make them more dependent or even “dependent” on us.

While most dogs are actually used to us leaving the house and going to work, the quarantine process will put them into a completely different routine: being with them all the time.

Dogs will also quickly get used to being with them and not being alone.

And when the quarantine process is over and we return to our normal lives, many dogs will not be ready for it.

This problem may recur, especially in dogs that have previously experienced separation anxiety (not being alone) problems.

Dogs that have never experienced this problem will also likely have this problem. With some measures we will take during the quarantine process, we need to prepare them for post-quarantine.

quarantine with your dog

How do I prepare my dog for post quarantine?

Don’t pay too much attention to your dog while at home. Do not constantly sit in lap. Give him breaks in solitude: ignore it and ignore it. When you clean / cook a place at home, leave it in another room. (Of course he’ll know you’re home, but at least he’ll practice loneliness.) If he has crate training, encourage him to stay in his cage for some time during the day. Try not to break your routine. Enter the toilet alone! 🙂 If you have a chance to leave the house even for a short time; Make sure to leave him alone for a while during the day and come out. Sit in your car, take a short walk. If you have a routine when leaving the house (like giving him a treat and going out), do it. Do whatever you normally do when leaving the house. While doing these, avoid exaggerated movements. Try to normalize everything. Remember, precautions for separation anxiety are much easier than fixing this problem!