Dogs Are Mirror of Their Owners

Dogs have been supported by scientific research that reflects the personalities of their owners.
In studies conducted in Austria, dogs report that their owners reflect certain emotional states such as anxiety and negativity.
Research has also shown that happy and calm dogs can pass these traits to their owners.
More than 100 dogs on the subject and their owners have been tested on their heart rate and emotional state of stress and saliva samples have been taken from the owners and dogs to measure their cortisol levels

Cortisol; a hormone associated with the body’s response to stress.


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Results are Proportional to Experience about Dogs and Owners

The five main character traits of the dog owners, “neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, adaptability, and attention” were measured. The characters of the dogs were then measured for comparison.
Dr. Based on the results of the findings, Iris Schoberl concluded that both dogs and their owners influence each other’s way of coping with stress.
Research indicates that dogs are more affected by their owners and are highly sensitive to their owner’s emotions and behavior.
Dogs and humans have been living together for nearly 30,000 years, and recent scientific findings show that dogs can perceive people’s emotions and change their behavior accordingly.

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