How to Socialize Your Dog? in 3 Categories

In order to improve the quality of life for our dog and for us, our dogs and other dogs. He must be able to establish a good communication language. So what are our duties at this point? How to socialize your dog?

It is necessary to evaluate the socialization of the dog under many different headings.

1. Human Socialization

2.Animal Socialization

3. Enviroment Socialization

Socializing your dog doesn’t mean giving everyone blue beads and jumping on them. When he sees every dog, it is not that he wags at them, jumps on it and plays. It is not that he runs around like crazy in every environment he is in. Socialize to the environment. It means to be able to adapt with its owner, that is to be able to adapt. So this is that it means, when I realize that there will be no harm from the person in front of me. When it doesn’t trigger I won’t interfere. For this, your dog is never a target, you should not show. First of all, you should interfere with your dog in minimum amounts. You need to let people love, but also to people who will love at a certain point you must intervene.


1. How to socialize your dog and human?

Every dog ​​- even if it is one of the most feared breeds when it grows – is quite cute. When it enters the room, everyone wants to love it by pinching the dog and squeezing it. But This kind of behavior can cause different traumas in the future of dogs. The first you know how to love a dog, and that you know your dog. You have to tell people who will love it. This is how human socialization starts in the normal stage. Firstly You have to test where your dog likes and dislikes to be liked. Is it from the head, under the chin, the belly, or the hips …

Your dog may react and dislike some parts of it. That’s why this important to know how to socialize your dog. Let me give an example of our dogs, we have certain tests when selecting duty dogs. One of our tests is that we touch the dog’s hip area. According to his reaction to touch, we try to determine the level of integration or dominance. Dog showing his teeth as if to bite; If it reacts, that dog has a dominant character. Here “don’t touch my hip point” they try to say. Because dogs have to overlap each other’s status points they determine. When they grow up, they have the possibility to move against someone who will approach their rear. For this reason, you can do certain experiments, especially if you have a puppy.

First, not let someone else touch the places your dog doesn’t like to be touched is required. Second, your dog will be abused by someone else. You should never allow it to be crushed and compressed through the eyes of dogs. If we evaluate; you are a tiny being, by an entity about 3.5-4 times bigger than yourself. You are being put under pressure. No matter how lovingly the other person thinks he is doing it. He can qualify this as pressure and attack on himself. In these later stages against humans may cause aggression triggering.

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2. How to socialize your dog and other animals?

In socialization with animals, we need to pay attention to the following: Your dog knows how to play, sociability, have no problems in the area or exhibit aggressive behavior with other dogs in outdoor environments, keeping in touch with the dogs, you can start by putting them together. Besides your dog runs away too much while playing with a dog opposite, turns with himself and hiding behind you; If it takes its tail under it and changes direction in an escape position, as of that moment away from the game. Your dog is then feeling pressured from his current position and it cannot interfere due to its size, but in the future, when it reaches that size. Consider the possibility of interfering with or attacking dogs to put pressure in that way keeps.

3. Enviroment Socialization

Since your dog is already a puppy, he will either stay calm at certain points or get bored very quickly. When they get bored too quickly, it is beneficial not to keep the dogs in that environment too much. Juvenile especially in places where there is very noisy, dominant environment, crowded, bottom-up people do not keep. Never try to get into environments your dog doesn’t like. Even if it’s a favorite cafe-bar; if your dog signals that he doesn’t like the environment, closeness, barking, excessive movement) make sure to get out of that environment. This is to train your dog. There’s no point in pushing it, if you do it even when you grow up and get into such environments will react. It will turn into a point of permanent trauma. You have to recognize, listen and act according to the signals it gives you.


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