What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat? 8 Foods You Should Be Careful!

What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat? Our dog friends have a sensitive stomach and digestive system just like us humans. It can react extremely negatively to some foods. Therefore, feeding dogs is an extremely important issue. For this reason, we have compiled for you the foods that our dog friends should stay away from and should definitely not consume. Let’s take a look together!

Dog grooming is a very difficult task. It is necessary to care for them and to be responsible for them. Always taking care of our canine friends will have a direct impact on their health. Seeing our dog friends healthy and happy will certainly make us owners happy.

Our dog friends should have a certain daily diet. This will help them improve their living conditions and health. In this article, we try to explain some answers of: What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?

Our dog friends are selective about food, just like humans. This point can be explained as the effect it has on the body of our friend, beyond the selective, food separation. All foods have different effects on our canine friends. For this reason, dog foods are among the things that should be considered the most when breeding dogs.

“What should dogs eat?” The question can be answered with many nutrients. However, what not to eat has much more precise answers. Various foods can spoil the sensitive dog body and have a negative effect on their health.

Some dog owners feed their dogs on their own food. This is an extremely wrong diet for our canine friends. Since the digestive systems of humans and dogs are different, their food should also be different. Some people give the leftovers to their dogs. However, this can cause vital problems for their dog friends. For this reason, it is necessary to feed our dog friends only with dog food that is their own food.

For all these reasons, in this article, we have compiled foods that dogs should not consume for you and our dog friends. Here are the foods that dogs should not consume!

8. Is Avocado Good for Dogs?

Avocado, which is an extremely useful food when consumed by humans, is definitely among the foods that dogs should not consume. The reason for this is that the digestive system of our dog friends is much more sensitive than that of humans.

Avocados, which contain toxins that damage the digestive system of our dog friends, give a poison effect when consumed by our canine friends.

Dogs consuming avocados can generally experience stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. In such cases, you should get veterinary support immediately. Because avocado consumption can be vital in dogs. For all these reasons, you should keep your dog friends away from avocados.


7. Grapes and Dogs

When consumed by dogs, it causes effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, tremors, lethargy, and anorexia. The reason for these effects is not fully known. Grape, which gives such effects when consumed in small amounts, causes anemia and various kidney problems when consumed in excess.

Because of all these effects, grapes are among the foods that dogs should not consume. In cases where your dog is consuming grapes, it is extremely useful to get veterinary support.

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6. Raw Fish

Fish consumption is a very dangerous situation for our canine friends. Our dog friends can of course eat fish. However, their food should be cleared of fish, bones and no oil or seasoning. The most important detail for them to eat is that the fish is cooked very well.

The consumption of fish that is not cooked enough or raw is a situation that has extremely negative effects on dog health. This is because of the Thiaminase enzyme contained in raw fish. When consumed excessively and continuously, problems with the nervous and digestive system may be observed as a result of vitamin B1 deficiency, and this can lead to vital problems.

Especially the consumption of raw salmon is very dangerous for our canine friends. The reason for this is an organism called Neorickettsia helminthoeca in raw salmon. This organism causes various ailments such as insomnia, high fever, vomiting, bloody diarrhea and loss of appetite after consuming raw salmon. Excessive consumption of raw salmon can have fatal consequences.

For all these reasons, raw fish is definitely one of the foods that dogs should not consume. Before feeding your dog friend fish, it is extremely vital to make sure that it is thoroughly cooked and that you clean its bones completely. This is well-know wrongs answer of: What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?

5. Dogs Should Not Eat Onion!

Onion consumption can have extremely dangerous effects on our canine friends. For this reason, onions are among the foods that dogs should not consume.

Generally, dogs are not observed eating the onion raw. However, in cases such as eating the onion cooked by their owners, it is commonplace to eat the onion cooked, although it is wrong.

Onion causes poisoning in blood cells when consumed. Blood cells transport oxygen from the lungs to various tissues to convert the nutrients consumed into energy. When onion is consumed, poisoned blood cells spread throughout the body in this way. This is the dangerous answer of: What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?

When large quantities are consumed by dogs, it should be taken to the vet immediately. The vet can make your dog vomit and wash his stomach or provide medication that can alleviate the symptoms of poisoning.

 Onion poisoning in dogs can show symptoms such as weakness, bloody urine, pale and bluish gums, and weakness. The first thing you should do when you experience symptoms like these is to contact the veterinarian quickly. For all these reasons, onions are among the foods that dogs should not consume.

4. What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat? Cheese!

What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat? Say Cheeeeeeese! can be a great source of vitamins and minerals for our canine friends. However, it has negative effects on dogs due to the lactose it contains.

Lactose is a sugar found in milk and dairy products. When consumed uncontrolled, it can cause various disorders in the stomach and digestive system of dogs. The disorders that can be observed in our dog friends due to lactose consumption are generally; It may present as abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, bloating and gas.

For all these reasons, cheese is among the foods that dogs should not consume.

3. Bread

Bread consumption in dogs can lead to various problems just like humans. Bread consumption, which can lead to various weight problems due to its carbohydrate and calorie values, can cause vital problems such as obesity.

In addition to all these, it can also be caught in diseases such as diabetes due to the sugar and fat it contains. For all these reasons, bread is definitely one of the foods dogs should not consume. A lot of people does not know this. That’s why we should ask more ourself: What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?


2. Is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

Unfortunately, this is the saddest answer of “What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?”. Chocolate consumption causes poisoning in dogs. The reason for this is generally thought to be due to the sugar values ​​it contains, but the reason is not the sugar but the caffeine values.

Chocolate, which causes stomach discomfort when consumed in small amounts, can cause reactions such as vomiting and diarrhea in our dog friends. When consumed in excessive amounts, it can cause more serious problems.

Due to the negative effects of caffeine, our canine friends may experience various problems. For all these reasons, chocolate is definitely one of the foods that dogs should not consume.

1. “Milk” is the First Answer of “What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?” Question

Milk can cause various problems in dogs due to the lactose it contains. Generally, everyone thinks that dogs consume milk frequently, but this is wrong. Milk can only be consumed by puppies.

This milk should be consumed in a small amount without fat and cream. When milk is consumed in adult dogs, effects such as gas, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea may occur. For all these reasons, milk is definitely one of the foods that dogs should not consume.

We try to help you about “What Foods Can Dogs Not Eat?” I hope it is a useful article for you. Maybe you can find more options on this article about “The Best Dry Dog Foods”.

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